We are looking forward to an extraordinary event for this year’s Ohio Lacrosse Showcase. We will bring together one of the finest groupings of competitors from the region and across the country. We expect to have 150 players. All players will play five (5) games over two days in a schedule that will allow you to see as many games/players as possible. We will be publishing the schedule in mid-July, but you want to get our dates on your calendar now.

Monday, June 13 – Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Located at Hall of Fame Village

Our tournament staff always makes a concerted effort to cater to our college coaches who attend. This year we have put together a fantastic offering to bolster your recruiting dollars. Here are the features that make this event a must on your recruiting calendar:

  • Digital & Hardcopy Profile Books for all HS-aged players participating.
  • Premier venue, side by side fields at Hall of Fame Village. (See every player)
  • Free VIP parking and free food/drinks provided at the coaches only social hour.
  • Hydration is paramount in July and we will have a cooler of free refreshments available at the Information tent.
  • Discounted Hotel partners.
  • Event paid coaching, paid field evaluators, and ask about how to earn a free hotel room.
  • Upper and lower class All-star games selections based on coaches decisions.
  • Weekday event for more recruiting time.
  • And, if at any time you have any questions or comments during the event, we will also have tournament staff available at the tournament Headquarters.